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Memory Skills

Memory Skills

Building a stronger memory as you age is easy.

In this fun and interactive workshop you discover the secrets and science behind a powerful memory. You will be able to remember people, dates, sales information, and most importantly where you left the keys.

Workshop Outcomes
  • Understand how our brains form memories

  • Working with your hippocampus, the librarian of the brain

  • Stop what is holding you back

  • Avoid embarrassing name forgetting moments

  • Increase social and business confidence

  • Faster thinking and greater recall

  • Keep your brain healthy as you age

  • Much much more

Just a quick one to say thanks for the course. The feedback was all so positive - when you have comments like 'best course ever', 'I feel so good about myself and 'I believe I have the best memory it is so positive for me to hear this.
Greg Sawyer, Manager Communications Services, UNSW
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