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Transforming businesses, leaders and individuals for more than 30 years.

Guy Newman began honing his skills as a performer from a very early age. What started as a side job whilst training for the Olympics, turned into life-long learning whilst incorporating motivational messages tailored to solve real-world business problems. 

Word-of-mouth helped spread the powerful impact of Guy’s keynotes and workshops, and he’s established a long list of clients. After graduating from a Journalism degree, Guy continued to work closely with clients across the country and around the world.



From circus performer to a thought leader in big business.

Using his life experiences to help audiences think and reflect.

After studying journalism, sport science, psychology and a variety of other subjects, Guy went back to something that had been a running theme throughout his life to that point – the drive to help others through personal and professional development.

Since then Guy's been coaching, speaking, training and facilitating for professionals from hundreds of the world’s largest companies.

Guy loves helping people get their message across and seeing the results it brings.

You could say he's crammed a lot in to his life so far whilst using all the amazing, eventful and challenging experiences he's had to deliver compelling keynotes that quite simply –

make audiences sit up and take notice!


Guy is renowned for his ability to drive change.

Clients come for a high-energy program, and they return for Guy’s unique ability to transform. As one of the best high-energy opening and closing keynote speakers in the industry today, Guy is in high demand around the world.

Whether it’s a live event or virtual learning experience, once clients experience the lasting results of Guy’s workshops, they engage him again and again. From changing the way individuals perceive their personal capacity to sales boosting performance to building resiliency during times of transition, clients revere Guy’s positive energy and the unique connection he creates with his audiences.


Guy cultivates cultures of ongoing improvement that find opportunity in uncertainty.

What started as a passion for performance in childhood led to a drive to inspire audiences to what is truly possible when you shift your perspective. Guy encourages audiences beyond the pursuit of “success” and enhance our life experiences and professional endeavours with purposeful, positive contributions.

Are you ready to be entertained and inspired to advance to the next level in life?

Guy Newman works closely with his clients to truly understand their challenges in business, leadership and teamwork.

For Guy, his role goes far beyond just an energetic start or end to a meeting. He serves as a catalyst to inspire significant change within a business, especially during times of transition.

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