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Newmemory has been operating in Australia and Overseas for over 25 years.  

Newmemory is a training company with a global reach.  We conduct in person and virtual workshops to over 1000 clients globally.


When clients engage with us for over 25 years, it proves to us that we have delivered on our promise.  To always exceed your training objectives.


By weaving storytelling, laughter and challenging activities into our sessions we ensure they leave an impression long after attendees leave us.  We believe that training should be a dynamic and memorable experience that creates real change.  We delight in the feedback that shows, many years on, the lasting impression on those we have taught.


Over 100,000 trained, coached, and mentored including global CEOs, Senior and Emerging Leaders, Hollywood Actors, Public and Private organisations, Start-ups, and Government at all levels (Federal, State and Local).

We think it’s time to rethink Professional Development.  

Our Founder & Director, Guy Newman, is an Olympian, International keynote speaker, corporate trainer, memory and mindset expert, and serial entrepreneur.

He has launched seven successful companies, built a Vineyard in the world-renowned Marlborough Region and is always living life to the full.

Guy represented Australia at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, and was Australia’s Water Polo Goalkeeper for 10 years - awarded the Best International Goalkeeper Trophy in 1995 and former coach of the Goalkeepers in the Australian Team. During high school Guy was a Juggler, Acrobat and Clown in the Flying Fruit Fly circus and later went onto training the performers at age 15.


After studying Journalism, Sport Science, Psychology, IT and a variety of other subjects, Guy developed a passion for Personal and Professional development.

Guy is accredited in HBDI, NLP, Emotional Intelligence (MSCEIT), DISC and more.

Guy's vast experience and a unique gift in helping people learn, workshops are entertaining, informative but most importantly effective in developing your people.

Because we ask the right questions from the outset, our courses are developed to achieve your operational goals and delivered in a way that resonates with your individual audience.
We create environments that encourage openness and deliver inventive content with wit and edge to get results. It’s fun, it’s relevant and it makes a difference.
Something is going to happen to me in the next two weeks that I thought was never possible and you have played a big part in getting me there. I will become a Director of Systems Integration Management Clinical and have 52 staff reporting to me.
Russell Dignam, QLD Health
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