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Stories from 40,000'
that inspire and motivate.

Michelle Huntington elevates her audience to new heights with unforgettable stories that leave a lasting impact. Get ready to be moved and inspired by her
high-flying adventures and captivating narratives.

Michelle Huntington

Author, motivational speaker,
pilot, keynote speaker and
Podcast Host.

Michelle's journey to becoming a Captain is a powerful example of determination and resilience. Her story demonstrates how she overcame gender bias, lightning strikes, and cancer to fulfill her childhood dream of flying planes. Despite facing numerous challenges on her path to becoming a Captain, Michelle adopted a mindset of "keep going until you can't," which ultimately made her not just resilient but anti-fragile.

​Every adversity she encountered made her stronger.

Today, Michelle shares her valuable insights and skills to help others change their relationship with adversity and grow stronger through life's challenges. Her message is an invitation to move from mere motivation to discipline and to elevate from resilience to true antifragility. Along the way, she also shares awe-inspiring stories from her decades of high-altitude flying, island-hopping in single-engine aircraft around the world, and wild exploration.


If you're interested in connecting with Michelle and learning from her experiences, you're in for a journey of inspiration and personal growth.

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