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HBDI Model


Have you ever met someone and wondered why – despite how hard you try – you just can’t seem to get along? Many of us experience this, and it’s not always because we don’t share the same hobbies or interests as our new acquaintance. Perhaps the main reason this occurs is simply because we think differently.

There are no bad or good, right or wrong ways of thinking. Just different ways.

If we could get inside the minds of and ‘see’ how our family, colleagues and clients prefer to think, then perhaps we could enhance those relationships.

The Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) is a powerful tool to show your thinking preferences.  HBDI allows you to measure and harness cognitive diversity.


We use HBDI to help you gain full visibility into the way you and your team think, communicate, and work at your best.  We design workshops that include profile debriefing, and activities to help you build a high performing culture by understanding and harnessing the diversity of thought within your team.


Contact us to see how we can use this powerful tool to build your team capabilities.

The key learnings were very appropriate to tasks I am currently working on in my role. I have had to apply a lot of problem solving, and get engagement from a lot of stakeholders. This workshop helped me assess the work I have been doing and gave me strategies to do this more effectively. It was helpful learning how to more effectively communicate with managers and I also found it helpful learning about self-confidence as this is something I struggle with.
Graduate, Lend Lease
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