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Unforgettable Keynotes.

Actionable. Trusted. Proven.

In the world of keynote speakers, everyone has a story to tell, and each story carries a powerful message. At Newmemory, we understand that the key to a truly impactful event is to match the storyteller and their message to your unique audience. Just like pieces of a puzzle coming together, our exceptional speakers have that special 'key' to unlock inspiration, motivation, and profound positive change for you and your audience.

Olympian or Airline Captain?


Each of our speakers possess a distinctive narrative that, when shared at your event, leaves a lasting impact on everyone in the room. We believe that every listener deserves a 'gift' – a takeaway that empowers them for personal and professional transformation.


Our commitment is to bring you speakers who don't just speak; they inspire, they motivate, and they leave an indelible mark on your audience. Newmemory is where stories come alive, and every keynote is a journey towards empowerment and change.


Join us, and let's craft unforgettable moments together!

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