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Assertive & Confident - a stronger you

Being good at ‘things’ does not build true self-confidence. It comes from somewhere else.

Developing confidence and learning to be assertive is important for everyone. In this enlightening, and powerful, workshop you learn how to be more confident, build your self – esteem, and how to apply assertiveness when required.

Workshop Outcomes
  • Describe the true source of self- confidence

  • Understanding and building confidence

  • When and how to display your confidence in different situations

  • Defining the difference between aggressive, passive, pass/agg & assertive

  • Identifying and developing assertive behaviours

  • Applying and respecting our rights

  • Assertive communication techniques

  • Knowing when and how to apply assertiveness

WOW, the training course today was fabulous. You are without a doubt the most exceptional, inspirational trainer that I have ever had the fortune of meeting. The value that I place on your course content today is that it will have a life changing effect on me, as I put it into practice.
Simon Munt, OLGR
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