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Coaching and mentoring

Coaching & Mentoring 

The skill of empowering and developing others through
communication is a powerful skill for all.

Coaching and Mentoring are powerful skills you can use to develop and empower others.

The workshop will give you the techniques, pitfalls to avoid, and skills to guide and inspire others to achieve their potential.

Workshop Outcomes
  • Understanding the difference between coaching and mentoring

  • What you need to know about people to be a successful coach/mentor

  • Why ‘Telling’ doesn’t teach

  • Create a comfortable environment

  • Use the GROW and SMART models to coach

  • Getting buy in

  • Encourage self-assessment & self-correction

  • Invite suggestions

  • Getting commitment

  • Listening like a coach

  • Using the Roll the Marble process

I was overhearing lots of coaching (it is very exciting) around the floors last week and I have been getting lots of feedback about how much they enjoyed the first day. I think they are all looking forward to the second day.
Michelle Hamilton, Divisional Quality and Training Coordinator, QLD RTA
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