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Communication Skills

Communication - Interpersonal Effectiveness

Communication within organisations has changed dramatically over the last 20 years.

Email has become our primary communication tool, without us stopping to question if that was a wise decision. Research shows that interpersonal communication skills are eroding as a result of the reliance on technology. In this workshop, you learn powerful communication techniques, applicable in every area of life.

Workshop Outcomes
  • Understanding the process of effective communication

  • Describe the part biology & psychology play in communication

  • Read body language

  • Remain composed when it gets tense

  • Apply a 4-step process for greater understanding

  • Listen with your eyes (and improve your memory)

  • Remove ineffective language

  • Adjust to different personalities

  • Focusing on your objectives first

  • Have greater influence

The Effective Communication Skills session was the most useful training session that I've ever been on! I immediately started to use what I'd learnt and it is making a difference as to how I communicate with my clients.
Sue Mieog, Boutiques Partnerships, Fidante
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