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Conflict Resolution

Creative Conflict

Conflict can be both good and bad.

Conflict is good if it improves things; it is bad when it damages relationships and gets in the way of progress. Without conflict, we wouldn’t have innovation, yet most people avoid conflict. In this workshop, you will encourage and participate ‘above the line’ conflict to create a safe and innovative culture around you.

Workshop Outcomes
  • Understand conflict and why we avoid it

  • How we respond in conflict

  • Know when conflict is good and when bad

  • Creating above the line conflict

  • Recognise which of the 4 approaches you use

  • Keep our cool under pressure

  • Realise it is very rarely ‘about you’

  • Resolve conflict with professionalism

  • The Importance of Psychological safety and how to create it

I just wanted to say a huge personal thank you for the training course today. It was not only very beneficial regarding conflict resolution it also made me think about myself in a new light, it was motivational and made me want to do better and be better.
Sarah Walker, Volkswagon
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