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Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

Neuroscience has taught us a lot about the brain.

The World Economic Forum has identified Critical thinking and Creativity as the two main skills in demand from 2022 onwards.  The society for Human Resource Management states Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Innovation and Creativity as the number 1 missing skill.


Recently neuroscience has taught us a lot about the brain.  in this engaging, insightful, and impactful workshop you will discover and learn techniques to expand your thinking capability and techniques and break out of rutted paths of thinking.  Critical thinking requires you to understand your different thinking patterns and biases.  The most creative geniuses have all been critical thinkers.

Workshop Outcomes
  • Think about your thinking

  • What happens when you rush forward to solve problems

  • Thinking backwards before thinking forwards

  • How do you approach problems currently and what to adjust

  • Understand rutted paths of thinking

  • How organisations get trapped in rutted thinking

  • Think Laterally

  • Busting assumptions

  • Solve problems using different frameworks

  • Innovate and think differently

  • Build your decision making algorithm

  • Putting it all together to be a critical thinker

As a grad who works in comms, this workshop was verbal gold! I absolutely loved it!
Graduate, Lend Lease
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