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Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity - Exceed Expectations

We run several customer-service workshops from achieving customer excellence, to handling difficult customers.

All our workshops are based on Emotional Intelligence and the Neuroscience knowledge required to delight customers. Most people don’t want to attend customer service training but are enamoured with the techniques when they leave. 


You have never been measured by what you give the customer; you have always been measured by how they feel.  Our OUAA process, based on the neuroscience of stress, can be used to quickly build rapport with customers, and also calm someone down from giving a ‘death threat’. 

Workshop Outcomes
  • Understanding the biological responses in humans

  • Developing emotionally intelligent responses to customers

  • Uncovering the core expectations and skills required to deliver

  • Delight the customer by following OUAA

  • Engage customers with understanding before solutions

  • Control the interaction

  • Delivering bad news professionally

  • Managing difficult interactions

  • Staying motivated and giving your best

The Customer Service Training course I attended has been the best, most interesting, most informative, creative and easily the most enjoyable training course I have had the pleasure of being in the past 10 years. Thank you for making it great. Other training courses don't even come close.
Sidney Shaders, UNSW
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