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Emerging Leaders

Emerging Leaders Program

 Whether promoted to a leadership position, or coming into the role from elsewhere. Each requires a different approach and strategy. 

Emerging and new leaders need a foundation of character to build on.  Our programs help people transition to the leadership role and show how to become the sort of person others are inspired to follow.


Moving from Peer to Leader, or stepping into a new Leadership role requires a strategy.  In these workshops we show leaders who to establish credibility, build rapport and then lead diverse people and skill levels.


All our leadership programs use Neuroscience and Emotional Intelligence to give a deeper understanding of people.  We believe in a science and evidence-based approach to Leadership through character and skill building.


Our Leadership development workshops range from 1-day targeted workshops to 6-month programs covering a wide range of leadership topics.


People prefer to follow leaders, not instructions.  It is the role of a leader to build a fire within, not underneath the team.  All our leadership workshops help participants discover and build the character traits and skills that inspire others to follow.

Workshop Outcomes
  • Peer to Leader or stepping into a new leadership role

  • Building Leadership Authority and avoiding common mistakes

  • Developing the character traits that make others want to follow you

  • Confidence & Assertiveness

  • Building Leadership Credibility

  • Engage, inspire, and lead through communication

  • Presentation & Story Telling skills

  • Navigating difficult conversations

  • Coaching and Mentor others for performance

  • Creating a culture of psychological safety

  • Leading Diverse People and skill levels to get the best performance

  • Critical thinking & Innovating

  • Decision-making

  • Leading productivity and outcomes

  • Creative conflict and Innovating for success

  • Using the Change House model to lead others through change

I have personally appreciated the way you have built connection with the group and developed them over the past 6 months.  The success of the program will be measured in years to come and how this group of leaders take the next step, but I will say they have certainly been given a great head start due to your leadership, coaching and mentorship.

I couldn’t have been happier with how you delivered the content, and we will be very happy to engage you further in the future.

Dean Surkitt, Managing Director – Bell Potter
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