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Influence & Persuasion

Influence & Persuasion

The science of Influence and Persuasion has been studied intently over the last few decades.

Influencing and Persuasion skills give you the ability to change people’s minds and negotiate better outcomes.  Using the latest research and neuroscience you will discover what you need to know about humans before you can encourage them to consider alternatives.

Workshop Outcomes
  • Understand Influence, Persuasion and Manipulation

  • What we need to know about people first

  • The Volvo principle

  • Applying neuroscience to Influence

  • Understand sources of Power

  • Apply the 6 Principles of Social Influence

  • Overcome the greatest challenges to Persuasion

  • Frame questions to influence thinking

  • Give others a sense of control

When you described emotional and rational responses as being completely different at a cognitive level; so much of my own daily reactive communication made sense in a way I have never understood before. Somehow, you kept my attention the entire time; and gave me enough energy to have a great afternoon too.
Paul Connolly, VGA
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