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Navigating difficult conversations

Navigating Difficult Conversations

Communicating with emotional and stressed individuals requires knowledge of the impact of stress on communication; understanding the emotions matrix and increased emotional intelligence; combined with a degree of personal resilience.

Most people avoid conflict and as a result put off having difficult conversations.  In this workshop we build a process for preparing and then navigating difficult conversations.

Workshop Outcomes
  • The real reason we avoid certain conversations

  • Emotional Intelligence components you will need to master

  • Reframing the conversation

  • Macro before micro, why we often start at the wrong place

  • Setting the Objectives before methods

  • Anticipating likely paths and reactions

  • The importance of tone and body language and how to use them

  • Why questions are your most powerful tool

  • Where to start, and where not

  • Structuring the conversation

  • Open and closed question techniques

  • What to do when people keep repeating themselves

  • Using OUAA for conversations you can’t prepare for

  • Delivering bad news professionally

  • How to handle mistakes

“Guy was a fantastic presenter, very knowledgeable and kept everybody engaged for the whole session. Found immense benefit through attending this workshop.”
Graduate, CBRE
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