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Negotiation Skills

Negotiation – Preparation & Practice

We negotiate every day in many varying situations.

In this in-depth Negotiation workshop, you gain insight into the importance of preparation and how to conduct effective negotiations. Multiple theories are discussed in this workshop including Harvard’s Program on Negotiation and strategies from FBI Hostage Negotiators.

Workshop Outcomes
  • Define your approach

  • Understand the different outcomes

  • Prepare like the professionals

  • Develop position, objectives, and needs

  • Create your TRP and BATNA

  • Understanding opening positions

  • Create the right environment

  • Adapt to different cultures

  • Focus on outcomes

  • Develop your question techniques

  • Adjust to different personalities

  • Avoid certain language

  • Overcome manipulation strategies

  • Apply modern (over traditional) techniques

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the negotiation session today. It was honestly the best CPD event I have ever attended. Guy was an effective, engaging and entertaining presenter. I thoroughly enjoyed the session and it was practically relevant.
Bryndis Moffitt, JKC Legal Counsel
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