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Presentation Skills

Presenting with Confidence & Impact

Learn how to present and speak with confidence from a worldwide keynote speaker.

In studies, our biggest fear is always public speaking.  In this highly interactive workshop participants develop the confidence to speak and present to small or big audiences and deliver their message with impact.

Workshop Outcomes
  • Overcoming fear and building confidence

  • Objectives before content - the best place to start

  • How to analyse your audience and achieve your objectives

  • Effectively structure your presentation

  • Create powerful introduction hooks

  • Be memorable and have impact

  • Use visuals to enhance, not give, your talk

  • Confident and interactive delivery techniques

  • How to tell stories

  • Wrap up like a pro

Guy's training is always tailored for our business, he always arrives with and maintains 100% energy throughout the day and our employees thrive by putting their learnings into practice.
Yvette Thompson, Industry Sales Manager, Intrepid Group
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