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Resilience & Stress Management

Resilience & Anti-Fragility

Life can be challenging. Modern life is leaving many people
stressed, anxious and depressed.

In this introspective, and powerful workshop you will learn how to quickly and powerfully change your ability to cope with stress.  We learn how to build resilience, but ultimately move towards anti fragility, where you get stronger through adversity.

Workshop Outcomes
  • Dissect & understand stress

  • Where most of our stress comes from – you will be surprised

  • Who we are under pressure

  • Optimal levels of stress for performance

  • Fragility vs Resilience vs Anti Fragile

  • Apply proactive mindset principles for building resilience

  • Change your language, change your stress

  • Change your focus

  • What science has shown us about how we can reduce cortisol

  • Follow activities & routines to keep your stress levels healthy

  • Build and implement an ongoing plan for resilience.

Wow Guy. Thank you so much for the most wonderful way to learn new skills in managing stress. It is rare to find a wonderful trainer, who keeps the audience captivated and willing to to learn. I look forward to living a more stress-free life.
Jen Anderson, Apnic
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