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Storytelling for leaders

Storytelling for Leaders

The most inspirational leaders in history were gifted story tellers.  A good story engages the audience and ignites more of the brain than simply stating facts.

In this advanced presentation skills workshop, leaders learn how to craft a story for maximum impact and perfect their speaking skills. Delivered by an International Keynote speaker you will learn how to craft your message for maximum impact and emotionally move your audience.

Workshop Outcomes
  • Structuring your story

  • Engaging your audience

  • Using silence and timed pauses to create impact

  • Using visuals to guide and enhance your story

  • Language to inspire and create united teams

  • Eliciting emotional reactions in your audience

  • Usings Hooks and Tie Backs

  • Confidence building strategies

I noticed a very interesting tactic you used that I absolutely admire about you- the fact that you share so much about yourself and your experiences and people you surround yourself with- and that makes it easier to identify with the learnings you are offering. How you put yourself in the scenario to assist the topic to be more real and trigger different thought patterns. I love how you are so absolutely observant and open, honest and in the moment.
Lezanne de Koning, Distribution and Customer Care Manager, Baxter
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