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Team Culture

Team Culture

Create a culture of excellence through a shared Vision and Purpose. 

A great team will always be able to achieve more than a group of individuals.  Creating a high performing team culture, where collaboration, communication and connection are the foundation, is essential for success.  In this workshop, we use examples and stories to highlight how to build your team’s culture.

Workshop Outcomes
  • Connecting everyone to purpose

  • Why diversity is vital for high performance

  • Overcoming the challenges of diversity

  • Above the line conflict

  • Loyalty and breaking down silos

  • Psychological Safety

  • Rutted paths of thinking and improving innovation

  • Cross functional collaboration

  • Competing priorities

  • Customer Centricity

I am sure you get inundated with emails after your workshops but I have a policy of always paying the complement when you feel its warranted and as such feel compelled to contact you. 

Having been very fortunate to have worked for some fantastic businesses that understand the importance of upskilling and engaging their employees I have been part of a lot of workshops and development courses (mostly excellent), delivered by some amazing people of the years. I can say with zero hesitation that yours stands with the Dale Carnegie course’s as the most life changing (that is the setting the seeds for a lifetime of changed and improved behaviour) and alone as the most enjoyable and engaging workshop I have ever been a part of. 

It would be my hope that our paths do cross again and that I am able to facilitate change in my own work and wider life habits based on the wisdom that you have shared, it’s the best thing a human can do, take others wisdom and share it for the greater good of us all. 

Barnaby Chivers, State Sales Manager, QIC
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