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Time Management

Time Management – Productivity & Balance

Being ‘busy’ has become a badge of honour. It is better to be ‘productive’.

Everyone is ‘busy’.  It is better to be Productive and Balanced.  In this workshop, you will discover misunderstood concepts around time that lead to time wasting behaviours, and bad habits, that ultimately rob you of up to 50% of your time!  You will become more productive, less stressed, able to cope with both challenging and slow times, whilst maintaining a healthy life balance.

Workshop Outcomes
  • Discover misunderstood concepts around time

  • Remove your biggest time wasters - ‘Shaking the box’ & Task Switching

  • Analysing and Replacing Bad Time Habits

  • Using ‘NASA’ breaks to increase mental capacity & output

  • Slow down the perception of time & reduce stress

  • Adjust your day and use productivity fluctuations to your advantage

  • Break the ‘Priority Myth’ and prioritise properly

  • Professionally manage expectations of others

  • How to say No, without saying No

  • Control the ‘Beast’ – Email management (potentially save over a day a week)

  • Increase your Motivation (an Olympic Story to propel you upwards)

  • Why ‘To-Do Lists’ are important but NOT time management

  • Achieve Life Balance

  • Apply a 4 Stage process to increase productivity

  • Delegate and get the results required

  • Reduce Time Theft (Meetings, Interruptions & Waiting)

There is a 100% correlation between the people who took your time management workshop seriously, and applied it, and the people who got promoted last year. 100% correlation. 
Mike Cummins, Lend Lease
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